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Cigarette Specialty Papers
We produce Specialty Papers and only Specialty Papers. It's all custom work, made from pulp derived from wood, flax or a blend of both, to the exact specifications of our customers. So cigarette designers can select for factors such as air permeability and basis weight, which influence a cigarette's inherent smoking characteristics.
Our research and product development capabilities, unsurpassed in the industry, have played an important role in establishing our reputation for high quality, superior products-all made to order, including Roll Your Own (RYO) papers. In addition, our collaborative approach in working closely with our customers-to accommodate their unique requirements and parameters-enables us to offer virtually unlimited choice, including:
Pulp Type: Wood, flax, mixed pulp usage, including TCF (totally chlorine-free) capabilities.
Permeability: Need a specific degree of permeability? We're glad you asked. We offer a full range of permeability from 10 to 120 Coresta (CU).
Low Side Stream: We can also provide papers that minimize the smoke coming off an un-puffed cigarette-a characteristic highly desired in certain markets.
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