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Manufacturer of paper and poly disposables for airline, healthcare and industrial applications. Products include drapes, paper, aprons, gowns, rolls, dental bibs, head rest covers, pillow cases, hand towels, tissues, air wipes, mitts, and sheets.
Base paper for medical packaging that ensures safety and hygiene
Packaging material for medical devices needs to be safe and highly functional. Combining its paper making technologies and paper treating expertise, our medical grade paper possesses a high level of heat seal-ability and peel-ability, while maintaining a water repellent finish and superior bacteria barrier qualities.
Strong, safe and with microbial barrier properties, a medical paper that can withstand exposure to various sterilisation methods and guarantees the sterility and purity of the products right up until the moment of use. The packaging will maintain its sterility for five years and is offered for all major sterilisation methods.
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