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Special mineral pigments are blended into the pulp mixture, which are detectable through either UV,  IR rays or electronically by means of  special instruments that collect and analyses the information stored on paper and compare it to highly reserved and confidential database.
Fibres can be introduced in the pulp mixture or distributed immediately after the formation of the sheet of paper to better control the arrangement and frequency. These fibres are tiny pellets of  synthetic material coloured in bulk or in bands consisting in 2,3,or 4 hues. The colours may be visible or invisible to the eye, fluorescent or also in combination with each other.
Secure Window
This technique is result of the combination of a series of complex skills and technologies creating a counterfeiting system easy to test and which has spectacular effects. The presence of a die on the value paper is the starting point on which to combine multiple holographic elements . This  is the most complex hologram-based security system which prevents any type of counterfeiting.
Corianders are small round or hexagonal cellulose or synthetic discs that are directly introduced into the pulp mixture or are distributed according to a certain frequency and arrangement immediately after the formation of the sheet of paper. They can be coloured and visible against the light, or invisible and fluorescent, or iridescent to change colour and shine according to the angle of the light, or may be micro-engraved or even magnetic.
Silk screen band
Screen printing of value security paper is one of the latest techniques applied to paper. This type of printing is called ‘direct’ because the ink passes directly from the matrix/frame to the paper. It is a very functional technique as it is adaptable to all surfaces and permits the use of a wide range of inks:  visible ,invisible, pearl-effect, photochromic, thermochromic, etc
Fluorescent coating
The coating is usually applied with a coating-machine by means of an air-blade. This thin layer of coating is distributed over the support thus covering and ‘closing’ the surface of the paper.  The main advantage of the coating is that it makes the surface of the paper smooth and perfectly suitable for printing. This feature becomes a security element when the composition of the coating is made up of raw materials that are invisible to the naked eye but only by means of UV or IR rays.
These chemical compounds applied to the surface of  paper are often used as anti-counterfeit systems in paper used for cheques. The stress caused by the chemical substances used during the forging of a value security  paper (through oxidative , acid, basic,  solvent-based substances , etc) gives rise to irreversible chromatic reactions.
Holograms are defined as interfering waves and tend to create a photographic three-dimensional effect that varies according to the angle of light. They are obtained thanks to the holography technique : a set of grooves are carved onto a cliché by a laser beam, this cliché  gives rise to micro-facets on the paper that allow the light to be reflected according to the angle of light. Coloured or multi-coloured, two-dimensional or three-dimensional images or drawings may be obtained. Holograms may be made in continuous bands or as individual patches applied to paper in the following phase of paper production by means of heat transfer.
Mould made watermark
This watermark, obtained on the cylinder machine,  distinguishes itself from the others for its wide range of changing colour hues from light to dark. It  is the most difficult to counterfeit and can be utilised in many fields.
Magnetic thread
Ranging from simple magnetic properties to high sophisticated magnetic encodings, this feature provides to security thread a unique and reliable authentication track
Electrotype watermark
Electro-type is a watermark in light  where the hue is ‘strained’ so as  to create a strong contrast with its surrounding surface. This allows it to be easily read but difficult to be forged.
Holographic thread
Holographic features provide to security thread a wide range of security elements, at naked eye, when banknote is tilted, there are images changing and different colour effects; through specific tools can be detected security features dedicated to forensic authorities.
Window watermark
The “sewing” effect created by the security thread which ‘comes in and out’ of the surface of the paper is obtained thanks to this special process,  which transforms the surface of the paper into a delicate transparent veil which covers and highlights the security thread at regular intervals.
Fluorescent thread
Observing security thread, with U.V. light at 360 nm, fluorescent elements are visible, this feature can be combine with demetalized areas and magnetic encoding.
Fourdrinier watermark
This watermark is produced by ‘flat’ technology machines during the making of paper, the contrasts in the hues are created by the different thicknesses of the fibres in the pulp mixture.  As compared to a mould-made watermark,  the hue contrasts are less rich and evident, however it still remains one of the most widespread and effective means against counterfeiting of value security paper.
Color shifting
Tilting security thread, its surface changes colour, this effect can be achieved through different technologies.
Inkjet treatment
In this way the document can be customized with personal details such as digital photo, machine readable characters and bar-coding thanks to the optimal resolution of the inkjet print. The ink is so strictly linked to paper structure that printed photos and texts  are still recognisable even after 12 hours of immersion in 50° C water and they are resistant to scratch as well. It is fully compatible with all other printing techniques and security features normally adopted for security papers.  This paper is particularly recommend for all personal ID documents: passports, ID cards, visas.
Toner grip
Surface treated paper to make it apt to laser print for security valuable documents.
The particular chemistry applied, improves the toner adhesion to the paper web bonding toner and fibres strictly together.This tie is so strong that laser printouts are resistant to folding, crumpling and to any other mechanical stress. Any attempt of tampering makes the security documents unusable as any action to modify the toner printed area results in an evident affected and scraped surface.As a guarantee against forgery, this paper is highly recommended for cheques, letter cheques and any document having a specific value.
Security Fibers

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