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Build your plan to capture business in the expanding global tissue industry.
As the global tissue market continues to experience strong growth, companies around the world are strategizing how to capture business. Many have questions about the driving forces behind demand growth, the capabilities of major producers and suppliers, and the technological and retail trends that will shape the future.

Nonwoven tissue paper            
Tissue paper is a nonwoven fabric made from cellulosic fiber pulp. Common      fibers used in tissue paper pulp include wood (from either deciduous or     coniferous trees), rayon, bagasse (a type of sugar cane stalk), and      recycled paper. These fibers are macerated in a machine known as a      hydropulper, which is a cylindrical tank with a rapidly revolving rotor at      the bottom that breaks fiber bundles apart. In this process the fibers are      mixed in a cooking liquor with water and either calcium, magnesium,      ammonia, or sodium bisulfite. This mixture is cooked into a viscous slurry      containing about 0.5% solids on the basis of weight. Bleaching agents are      added to this mixture to whiten and brighten the pulp. Common bleaching      agents include chlorine, peroxides, or hydrosulfites. The pulp is then      washed and filtered multiple times until it is the fibers are completely      free from contaminants. This mixture of pulp and water, known as a      "furnish," is then ready for the papermaking process.
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